What are the Dangers of Vaping?

Vaping has become popular because you can vape anywhere without the associated odors. And most smokers use e-cigs as a tool for quitting smoking. Since they were first introduced, devices such as e-hookas, vape pens, and MODs have become popular. However, most vapers do not know the dangers. You must know all these dangers before buying your first e-cigarette.

The following are the dangers of vaping.

It’s Bad for Your Health

Vape juice contains nicotine, which is highly addictive. Nicotine makes you crave smoking. And if you ignore smoking, it causes you to suffer withdrawal symptoms. Nicotine is a toxic substance because it spikes your adrenaline and raises your blood pressure. So, it increases your heart rate, which can lead to a heart attack. Also, you are exposing yourself to different chemicals when you vape.

It’s Addictive

As mentioned above, vape juice contains nicotine. Nicotine is also addictive. It is easy to find e-cigarettes that contain more nicotine than most tobacco products. There are extra-strength cartridges that have a higher concentration of nicotine. And you can increase the voltage of your e-cig to get a greater hit. So, it is easy to get addicted to vaping because it is easy to increase the level of nicotine.

It’s Affecting Young People

Nowadays, vaping is more popular among youths. Most youths prefer it over traditional cigarettes. In fact, some recent studies show that e-cig use among high school students has increased. Around 40% of these youths have never smoked a traditional cigarette.

Why is vaping popular among youths? Firstly, they think vaping is safer than smoking a traditional cigarette. Secondly, it is much cheaper than traditional cigarettes. And lastly, vape cartridges come with different flavorings like watermelon and apple that appeal to the youths.

It Contains Ultra-Fine Particles and Flavoring Agents

Vaping produces ultra-fine particles of nicotine, solvent, and water that damage the body. The particles are deposited in the lungs.

It is easy to find different flavoring agents. However, these flavoring agents damage three types of cells, including human embryonic stem cells, human pulmonary fibroblasts, and neural stem cells in mice. So, flavoring agents and ultra-fine particles are harmful to the vaper’s body.

It Contains Heavy Metals

E-cigs produce vapors that contain heavy metals and silicates. So, vaping increases exposure to heavy metals and silicates. The heating element produces heavy metals. The liquid picks up these metals. And the aerosol carries them to the lungs.

Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic marijuana is up to 1000 times more psychoactive than THC. So, vaping synthetic marijuana increases the risk of chest pain, kidney failure, it increases blood pressure, and it can lead to seizures. Also, synthetic marijuana has been known to cause violent behaviors and deep confusion.

It Contains Dimethyltryptamine

Vape juice contains dimethyltryptamine, which is a strong hallucinogen. And it is more powerful than LSD and other hallucinogens. inhaling dimethyltryptamine can lead to lung and throat irritation, intense nausea, and fearful agitation.

It Affects Brain Health

More research has been done on the dangers of vaping. And it shows that vaping among youth can affect their brain health and development. Nicotine affects a developing brain. So, this can lead to deficits in cognition, attention and mood disorders, and reduced impulse control.

Fetal Exposure to Nicotine

However, there are pregnant women who vape. This results in fetal exposure to nicotine, which can lead to deficits in cognition, attention, and auditory processing. And it increases the risk of behavioral problems, obesity, and sudden infant death syndrome.

You now know the dangers of using electronic cigarettes. It is harmful to your health, so think carefully before buying your first vape pen.

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7 Best Flavors For E-Liquid

Vaping and e-cigarettes have become so popular, so most companies have entered the market. So, there are infinite e-liquid flavors on the market. However, there are nasty flavors that can leave a bad taste in your mouth. Picking the right flavor for your taste is important to a successful vaping experience.

The following are the best vape juice flavors on the market.

1. Tropical Fruit E-Liquid Flavor

A distinct pineapple and strawberry blend. It has a hint of coconut. It has a delicious taste in your mouth. It tastes like a fruity beverage. Its VG/PG ratio is 70/30. And it comes in a variety of nicotine levels. Pick the nicotine level you want and enjoy this tasty tropical and coconut flavor. It allows for large plumes of vapor, so it is perfect for someone who loves chasing clouds.

This flavor was also chosen in the an vape juice comparison

2. Tobacco Flavored Vape Juice

If you love the taste of traditional cigarette and smoke, you can select this flavor. You do not have to look for artificial flavors because you can still enjoy vaping the classic tobacco flavor. This e-liquid as the same taste as traditional tobacco. Plus, there is no ash and carcinogens and it does not affect people standing next to you. Its VG/PG ratio is 25/75. Nicotine strength’s ranges from 0 to 36 mg.

3. Menthol E-Juice Flavor

Its VG/PG ratio is 60/40, so it makes the most vapor that can make your mouth minty fresh. It provides the same experience as smoking a traditional menthol cigarette. Peppermint flavor tickles your tastebuds and it fills your lungs. Also, if you want to boost your vaping experience, you can pair this e-liquid with other vape mods and tanks. It provides a unique taste and it is a great alternative to traditional menthol cigarettes.

4. Coffee Blended E-Liquid

Miss drinking your morning coffee and smoking? If yes, invest in this e-liquid. It gives an awesome throat hit and it has a taste like that of freshly made coffee. Its VG/PG ratio is 60/40, so it is perfect for blowing huge clouds. Its taste is pleasant, but it is not too sweet. It keeps tank filters moist. If you want to mix with other flavors, know that it mixes well with different flavors.

5. Vanilla Flavored Vape Juice

This e-liquid has the taste of malted vanilla milkshake. Its VG/PG ratio is 70/30, so it perfect for vapers, who love chasing clouds, because it blows puffy clouds. And it has a great throat hit that most vapers seek. Also, it does not burn too quickly. So, it is great for vapers who are on a tight budget. Do not forget that it tastes like a dream. You will love this flavor.

6. Grape Infused E-Liquid

It tastes better than the taste of most manufactured grape products. Its VP/PG ratio is 70/30. So, it is great for the plumes of smoke. And it is still perfect for throat-heavy hits. This delicious flavor has an incredible taste and it is economical in price, so it is cheap. And it is perfect for new vapers or vapers who are looking for flavors that have strong throat hits and produce big and awesome clouds.

7. Fruity E-Liquid Flavor

Some people find this e-liquid delicious and others find it disgusting. It has the taste of strawberry, passion fruit, and a secret blend of several other fruits. Its VP/PG ratio is 70/30, so you will blow out big clouds. Fruity e-liquid has a delicious and mellow taste. You can smoke it the whole day.

These are the best vape juice flavors. If you have been looking for the best vape juice flavors, you can pick one of the flavors mentioned above.

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How To Find The Best Exercise Bike Reviews

If you’re going to be buying an electric bike, it’s essential that you look at reviews before you buy anything. You should strive to find some of the best products on the market, and if you want to do that, you’ll want to find products that have fantastic reviews. Here’s how you can spot the best reviews available to you. 



Look For Longer Reviews 

Short reviews can only say so much. If you really want to learn more about a product, you’re going to have to find reviews that are on the longer side. When a review is longer, it’ll be able to go into more detail. This means that you’ll be able to get a more information out of the review.

You’re probably not going to have the time to read every review that you come across. That’s why you should make a point of reading the reviews that will be most valuable to you. You should look for long reviews; these reviews will contain plenty of helpful information.

Look For Reviews From Ordinary People 

Professionally-written reviews can provide a lot of insight, but they won’t always provide the kind of perspective that a regular person can offer. You should look for reviews that were written by ordinary people.

People that write these kinds of reviews aren’t being paid to write them. Because of this, you can trust that the reviews are sincere, because they have used the bike, or done a workout.. People are using their own time to review these products. That means that you can believe everything that they have to say about the bikes that they’re reviewing.

Find Reviews With Photo And Video Content 

People like to say that a picture can tell you more than words can. While that isn’t true, you can get a lot of information from photos and videos. If you find reviews that have images, you’ll be able to get a lot out of them.

Usually, the only images you’ll be able to see of an electric bike will be professionally taken. If you look at pictures that were taken by a regular person, you’ll have a better idea of what the bike in question actually looks like.



Finding the best electric bike reviews online may take a little bit of time. Not every review you see is going to be helpful to you. However, if you’re able to spot the best reviews out there, you’ll be able to find the right bike for you.

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How To Lose Weight Quickly With These Weight Loss Principles

measure body fat with scale and tapeHow do you lose weight in this day and age when there are so many diet and exercise options? There are a few tips that you can get here about this. That way, you can put them to good use and lose some weight.

It doesn’t matter how good you eat if you don’t exercise. You have to get out and at least go for a walk and do a few exercises at home if you want to lose weight. When you eat the right foods to fuel yourself, it gets easier to work out for a longer time, too. So, if you can mix eating well with exercise, you are likely to lose a lot of weight. You may not have the time sometimes, but if you can work out as much as you can by making some time, you’ll see the pounds disappear.

You need to get rid of the bad foods in your home that just make you gain more weight. You may think that you can buy a little bit of ice cream or other unhealthy snacks and control yourself only to find out that you can’t. They make junk food addictive so if it’s around you, then you’re likely to eat it and not stick with the diet plan you have in place. So, leave the junk at the store and just keep foods around that you know are going to help you be a more healthy person as time goes on.

Exercise is crucial in burning caloriesDon’t give up if you mess up with your weight loss program If you miss a day of exercise, for instance, don’t just stop exercising because you think you failed anyways and it doesn’t matter. The people that are successful at losing weight don’t let things set them back. You may go out to eat at a fast food place or do something else that doesn’t work with your diet, and that’s not a good thing, but you can recover from a bad choice. Just make a note of your mistake and try your best not to make it again shortly at least. See these fat loss review videos for more tips on how to recover from a bad day.

There are tons of fad diets out there that are not going to help you that much. For instance, you may be able to buy into a program that lets you eat their meals, and they promise you that if you do that, then you’ll lose weight. That may help you to eat better, but without exercise, that plan is not going to help you much. Try to work on eating right and staying on a good strategy when it comes to doing activities if you want to lose a lot of weight.

If you have a gym near your house, ask them if they have a personal trainer you can pay to work with. That can get you someone that can help you learn to use the machines at the gym, and they will help you come up with a healthier eating plan. Try even just to learn how to use the different machines at your own pace. The more active you can be, the better you will feel and the better your figure will start to become for you.

healthy food provides the body with essential nutrientsYou now know some weight loss principles that you can use to your advantage. There are a lot of different things you can do to help yourself get more healthy. Avoid fad diets and make sure you’re always active if you want the best chance at losing weight.

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Just Saying Hi

Hi, I am Maria.

Welcome to my sweet little website. It still looks a little basic but that is about to change. Let me explain to you why I started this.

I was sitting on the attic of my house. The sun was shining in through the dusty window, and there was a lot of dust in the air too. I really like seeing the sun rays that way.

So I was moving the furniture, that we store there, around when an old book caught my eye.

It was my absolute favorite book when I was young, and seeing it immediately brought back a wave of memories.

Now, I need to tell you something about myself. I am normally not the sentimental type. Keep your chin high and your feet planted has always been my motto. And that has served me well over the years.

Find out how this story ends in my next post.

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